My first time finding out about Natural Hair Restoration was 2015 and I was taking a Natural Hair Care & Braiding class given by Mrs. Anita Hill Mosses. My hair had been in its natural state for just about 7 or 8 years by then, and I had heard and tried the mayonnaise, eggs, and extra virgin olive oil remedies from YouTube already; so I had taken the class for more nutritional benefits for my hair and others I knew that would come to me and ask questions on what I used because I had been natural for so long. Mrs. Anita had given the class little samples for us to take home to use on our own. O…M….G phenomenal! I haven’t turned back to store brought shampoos and hair food since. I advise these products where ever I go. I even advertise for them on my IG and Facebook pages. Not only does it not strip your hair and thoroughly cleans, your hair will take off in growth. All it takes is one time and your hair will thank you for it with each use.”